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By markrutledge

Road Trip!!

On 12, Mar 2012 | In Blog, Odds & Ends | By markrutledge

Although it may not look like it at the moment, but spring is coming. With spring comes visions of getting outdoors. Fishing and camping sounds perfect. You can forget the tent when you rest your peepers on this baby. I think you could get used to camping and fishing when you get this 1940’s inspired American classic teardrop style camper. It was a symbol of the postwar road culture. This Silver Tear Woodie camper combines that adventurous spirit with extraordinary craftsmanship and styling.

The interior is shockingly roomy, it sports a 3-piece foam mattress that converts to a sofa. Windows and a roof fan offer great air circulation. The rear galley sports a maple counter top, a stainless-steel cooler and a number of cabinets for storage. A freshwater tank and faucet with an electric pump are powered by a 3-stage marine charger. Options like a propane stove and a shower make this the ultimate teardrop style camper.

With it’s tiny footprint that is available in either 4 feet wide by 8 feet long or 5 feet wide by 10 feet long you can haul this baby anywhere. Even a mini-cooper can haul this. Not that you’d ever take a mini-cooper out into the wild.

For more info, take a peek at the Silver Tears Campers Web site.



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